ONE SHOT Chocolate Depositor

ONE SHOT Chocolate Depositor

Total height (with sensors): 1480mm
Mould heating unit height (input side): 1200mm
End part height (exit): 940 mm
Total length: 4100mm
Front part lenght (mould heater side): 1580mm
Middle part length: 1250mm
End part length (exit): 1270mm
Middle part width: 1250mm
End part width: 665mm

Mould chain size: 08B
Chain pin diameter: 4.5mm
Pin length: 14.8mm
Distance between chains: 303mm
Distance between following pins (axis distance): 255mm

Number of depositor pistons: 32 pcs per one side (2×16 pcs per side)
Total number of pistons: 64 pcs (R + L)
Piston diameter: ~ 13.45mm

Dosing plates: 365x270x75mm (plate set total size)
Plates: 28mm + 28mm + 19mm = 75mm
Nozzle plate total working area: 154x245mm
Distance between nozzles along: ~ 50mm
Distance between nozzles across: ~ 35mm