Kettle for heating fillings PEFA Spomasz CKA9

Kettle for heating fillings Spomasz CKA9
Heating with steam
Working pressure: 3 at
Steam temperature: 143 degrees Celsius
Water temperature: ~ 20 ° C
Steam consumption: 75 kg / h
Water requirement: depending on the process
Total capacity: 180L
Working capacity: 140L
Agitator drive: 1.5kW
Agitator rotation: 26 rpm
Capacity depending on the process: up to 250 kg / h
One cycle time: ~ 30 minutes
Dimensions: 1100x1700x2250mm
Weight: 670kg

Factory number: 124
Year of production: 1963

Factory number: 234
Year of production: 1974

Factory number: 137
Year of production: 1963

Available quantity: 3pcs.