Franz Haas EWB1/1 Baking Oven

Franz Haas Baking Oven EWB1/1
(1 pc. available)

Wafer Stick Baking Oven Franz Haas EWB1/1 – For Hollow/Filled Wafer Sticks (1 pc. available):
– Rotary drum speed adjusted 2,5-3,5 rpm.
– Wafel roll lenght adjusted 50-220mm
– Diameter of wafel rolls adjusted using exchangeable complets of spigots
– Wafel thickness adjusted manually
– Dimensions: 3200x1400x1700mm
– Fuel supply: LNG or LPG (two possibilities)
– Quantity of rolling tool: 1 pc.
– Productivity: Dry wafel roll – 60kg/shift (8 hours), Filled wafel roll – 110kg/shift (8 hours).
– Cutting unit: Rotary knife with electromagnetic clutch.
– Additional equipment: Batter mixer, batter tank with pumps, filling station with tank and pump, unloading transporter.