Chocolate Coating Cabin 1600mm (NEW)

Chocolate Coating Cabin  1600, 240-300kg capacity
Chocolate tank 1000kg and processing air system available


  • Conveyor belt width: 1600 mm,
  • Capacity approx 250kg-300kg per batch
  • 6 belt scraper for automatic belt cleaning operation,
  • Electrically heated beam with 73 pieces of nozzles and 5 spraying jets,
  • Top plastic movable cover for small pieces of product protection against glueing to the belt,
  • PLC Mitsubishi control touch screen,
  • Electrical components: Siemens or Omron (on demand),
  • Main Drive: SEW
  • Electrically heated rubber hoses for chocolate distribution
  • Load cells for automatic weigh control during whole production process (Mettler Toledo),
  • Automatic control for processing air (temperature, volume, humidity) – available aditionally
  • Chocolate tank 1000kg, stainless stell – available aditionally