Linia do oblewania czekoladą KADEMA Super 80

  • Transport net and cooling tunnel belt width: 800mm
  • Transport net type: „KDM 801”
  • Transport net and cooling tunnel belt speed adjusted electronically
  • Total line lenght: ~27m
  • Two separate cooling zones into cooling tunnel (2 separate compressors sections)
  • Three places of temperature measuring with external digital indicators
  • Cooling compressore Maneurop MT64 (total 4 pcs.)
  • Two sets of cooling condensers (external during summer, internal for factory heating during winter)
  • Sliding axles at the enrober head outgoing – for product cleaning (speed adjusted electronically)
  • Tempering machine Nagema LTS 3/2
  • Pipeline from tempering machine to enrober head
  • In case of need tanks for chocolate available