Aspen Brothers
Drażownica Wolf DRA1600 (2 szt.)

Drażownica Wolf DRA1600 (2 szt.)

Coating Cabin Wolf DRA 1600, 240kg max. capacity (2 pieces available, manufacture year 2005 and 2011):


  • 6 stainless steel belt scraper for automatic belt cleaning operation,
  • Electrically heated nozzle beam with installation outlet for spraying nozzles,
  • Top plastic movable cover for small pieces of product protection against glueing to the belt,
  • Unloading system directly to 4 plastic baskets (400x600x160mm) in one operation (4 pcs into one unloading process step),
  • Electrically heated rubber hoses (2 x 6m) from pump to coating cabin and back to tanks,
  • SIEMENS Control unit with recipes memory and fully automatic process control,
  • Load cells for automatic weigh control during whole production process,
  • Automatic control for processing air (temperature, volume, humidity),